— Suatainable Agriculture


  • Meet The Consumer Requirements For Healthy Food.
  • Produce While Respecting and Protecting the Environment to Fight Climate Change.
  • Ensuring Fair Economic Activity for Producers.


Becoming a Major Actor in the Production and Export of Organic Tropical Fruits in Cameroon and Central Africa.

- The Land

300 km North of the Equator line, in a hot and humid climate of the Douala region in Cameroon, Dibamba Equatorial Fruits takes advantage of the soil fertility and the abundant pluviometry spreading from March to November to produce a range of tropical fruits with very good flavors.

Our land extends itself in the heart of the Douala costal rain forest, in the Dibamba river valley. There, we produce pineapple, papaya, and fig banana. We also work together with local orchard owners to certify them as organic farmers producing mangoes that will be exported by us.

The Requirement for Quality is a fundamental principle that we work hard to maintain to insure the high standing of our Pineapples, Papayas, Bananas, and Mangoes.

- 100% Organic

Following resolutions CE 834/2007, CE 839/2008 and CE 1236/2008 on organic farming of European Union Commission,

we produce fruits in accordance with the Cahier des Charges of organic food production. Dibamba Equatorial Fruits is under the control of ECOCERT, an accredited organization for the certification of organic farming.

The company mainly uses organic material and natural fertilizers from plants as means of enhancing and boost our products to be as natural as possible.

- Confidence in the Future

The abundant pluviometry and a highly fertile soil of Cameroon lead us to have an optimistic projection in the farming activities that we are undertaking.

In addition, the vitality of our human resources and the geographic proximity of Europe are potential benefits that give us confidence in the future.

Our goal is to become a major exporter of organic tropical fruits of Cameroon to the European Union market Our range of fruits to be exported are essentially Smooth Cayenne Pineapple, Solo Papaya, Mangoes, and the Passion Fruits and Fig Banana, etc…