— The Team

Clovis Ngouambe

Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Loyola University Maryland in the United States of America with a Master of Science in Finance, Clovis Ngouambe founded Dibamba Equatorial Fruits with the purpose of promoting a sustainable development with organic agriculture, to guarantee fair and permanent income to the rural population and also to engage in commercial exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world. Clovis understanding of the western world and Africa are important and beneficial to manage a modern company of this nature dealing with international trade. As a CEO of Dibamba Equatorial Fruits, he coordinates management activities, the company development, how it is run for efficient results to the profit of all of the stakeholders

Nestor D Nyamsi

Production Manager

Vicky coordinates the production activities of all the food we grow in our farms in accordance with the schedule and standard of production. His mastering of the project puts him in the key position of chief operation administrator.

Geradine C Djandjue

Financial and Administrative Supervisor

In that position, she is charge of overseeing the financial transactions. She also in charge of the administrative operations of the company.